Alta Data Technologies provides the most advanced Mil-std-1553 & ARINC429 interface cards and software in the industry. Alta’s products are designed for the most demanding embedded, test and simulation applications. The optional analyzer software packages expands to multi-channel, multi-protocol bus analysis to aid in application development.

Becker Avionics is a leader in digital avionics technologies for light aircraft, business aircraft and special mission aircraft. Products include VHF radios, ADF receiver, Mode S transponder, digital audio systems.

FreeFlight Systems is a leading manufacturer of avionics systems such as Radar Altimeters, SBAS/GNSS receivers, FMS/GPS systems, Hardened Memory unit, Jet Call Decoder, Memory Management System and more.

KIMDU designs and produces a line of airborne protocol converters, synchro converters, power control units and power distribution units.

MicroPilot is a world leader in unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) autopilots, MicroPilot offers a variety of solutions fulfill the demands of many missions. MicroPilot provides a family of autopilots that fly fixed-wing, and multirotor UAVs as well as complementary products such as the Horizon GCS and Xtender SDK.

Quadrant Avionics specialize in design and manufacture of advanced rugged video displays, electronic modules and embedded systems for airborne use intended for Special Mission, Law Enforcement and Surveillance applications. Products include HD Video Displays, DVRs, Video Switching, Video Distribution, Video Conversion and Mission Computing.

Sagetech Avionics is a manufacturer of the World’s smallest Mode C and Mode S ADS-B transponders. Transponders weighs less than 100gr. Due to it’s small size and low weight, it is perfect for installation in small UAV’s.

Simtec is a Swiss company experting in the field of air data systems. The company operates it’s own wind-tunnels. Among the Simtec products are complete air data systems, Air Data Computers, Pitot-Static probes (with heaters or without), AOA and AOS probes.

Teledyne Controls is a leading provider of solutions designed to increase flight safety and operational efficiency through more efficient aircraft data and information management. Teledyne supply sophisticated avionics products and ground-based applications to a broad range of civil and military aviation customers.

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