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INS/GPS: The Inertial Labs INS-P utilizes advanced GNSS receiver, barometer, 3 axis magnetometer, 3 axis accelerometer and 3 axis gyro.

μIMU/μAHRS/μINS: micro IMU/GPS, micro AHRS/GPS and micro INS/GPS by Inertial Sense are perfect solution for size limited applications. Products are available in both OEM configuration (without enclosure) and also with a rugged enclosure.

MEMS Accelerometers:         The MS1000.D series of accelerometers is ideal for a wide range of application requiring inertial sensing, tilt and inclination sensing or vibration sensing.

GNSS Receiver: The AsteRx-m2 is a high performance, ultra low power  GNSS Receiver.

Video Tracker: The  SLA1500 and SLA3000 video processing boards support features such as video stabilization, video encloding, motion detection and object tracking.


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